Strength Training

Most of us have a favourite go-to exercise. For me, it is almost anything cardio: step aerobics, Zumba, walking…. I’ve recently added aqua aerobics to my list. I love to start my mornings with movement and music. For my daughter, on the other hand, strength training is her first choice. Although I’d rather be dancing, I make sure I include strength training (two to three times a week) because I am aware of its many benefits, especially for a woman in her fifties.

According to an article in Global NEWS, regular strength training (two to three times a week) can…

  • boost metabolism and fat loss
  • keep bones strong and healthy
  • regulate insulin and lower inflammation
  • improve posture, sleep, mood and energy levels
  • improve strength and endurance
  • improve balance and reduce the risk for falls
  • boost confidence


When my motivation is flagging, my daughter reminds me that I am creating permanent Spanx that I don’t have to wriggle into in order to look and feel good in my clothing.

You don’t have to go to a gym to do strength training, although you might want to initially work with a trainer to ensure proper form and have a program created for you. I have exercise bands and free weights in my house. There are lots of excellent videos on Youtube. I really enjoy Jessica Smith. Coach Nicole’s videos are also a great place to start.

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