Instant Pot Pasta

So it’s Friday night, and you’ve just finished a LONG week of work. You’re tired, and now you have to figure out what to make for dinner. The thought of stopping on the way home and getting pizza or Chinese food crosses your mind, but then you remember that you can make delicious pasta and meat sauce in your Instant Pot with very little time and effort.

That’s what we had for dinner tonight, along with salad. No food styling I’m afraid. In fact, what you see is the leftovers. We were too hungry, and it was too good, for us to wait to take a picture. The pasta cooks in the sauce which makes it extra delicious (and easy).

I have modified the original recipe from by using Italian sausage (mild or spicy) instead of ground beef. Today I also used the homemade chicken stock I had in the fridge instead of water. It’s delicious either way. If you don’t have an Instant Pot (affiliate link), I’d really recommend getting one.


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