In December, I gifted myself a TRX (Total-body Resistance eXercise) trainer (affiliate link). This fitness tool is made from durable, high quality nylon. I first encountered it on a business trip. The hotel I was staying at had a fully equipped gym, and while I was on the treadmill, I watched a trainer working with a client on the TRX. After they left, I decided to give it a try. Although I only did a few squats, I was hooked.

Here’s why I LOVE my TRX:

  • It is portable. I can take it anywhere. It weighs about 2 pounds, so it will definitely be in my suitcase when I head off for vacation.
  • It doesn’t take up much space (to store or use). The photo shows my TRX set up in my mud/laundry room, which is about 8 by 8 feet, and I have no trouble working out. When the weather gets nicer, I will be able to move outdoors.
  • It is great for all levels. I can keep advancing by adding balance and movement.
  • It works the entire body, and the core is constantly engaged.
  • It allows me to keep my alignment right. I struggle with a regular squat, but can get lower user the TRX while maintaining the correct form.

The TRX can be used to help improve sports performance, lose weight, gain strength, rehab an injury (I am using it for my shoulder), and more. While I would recommend having a trainer take you through the first time, this is an excellent video for beginners from BodyFit by Amy.

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