Instant Pot Sourdough Bread

You read that right. You can make bread in your Instant Pot. Well… sort of. You will also need a Dutch Oven. First I should share my own history as a bread maker. Don’t worry. It’s a short one. I have had one failure after another. It seems that yeast and I don’t get along. Sadly, the same is true for my sourdough starters. For a while I was able to get by, by using a bread maker. It worked fine (except for that big hole you get when you take the paddle out), but I wanted more. So I was thrilled when I discovered that my Instant Pot could help.

This is my dough before rising.

The Instant Pot is perhaps the best method to get the dough to rise quickly without stressing the yeast and proteins.

After four hours in the Instant Pot.

Once the dough was ready, I put it in my pre-heated Dutch Oven, and less than 35 minutes later, I had a delicious homemade loaf.

I love that this bread has only four ingredients: flour, salt, yeast and Greek yogurt. I chose to use whole wheat flour, so my bread is a little more dense. The recipe for Crusty Instant Pot Sourdough Bread from Living Sweet Moments, shows the white bread version. I have to say that I love the way her proofing basket shapes the bread. I might have to add one of those to my wish list.

I purchased my Dutch Oven (affiliate link) at Costco many years ago for $75. But amazon has a great deal on one. It is perfect for preparing soups and stews… and now bread. You can definitely expect to see it used in future recipes I share.

My bread maker has now been donated.

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