Instant Pot Arroz Con Pollo

Yesterday was a busy day. Part of it was participating in a local spin-a-thon to raise money for both Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart Program (helping make sports and play accessible to all Canadian kids) and our local community centre (to subsidize programs for children and seniors). I should share that I am not a regular participant in spin, and that the instructor did NOT take it easy on us. I was hot, sweaty and tired after the hour. But I was reminded that participating in charity and fitness events is great motivation to get active.

Every hour of the spin-a-thon, bike numbers were drawn for a prize, and… I WON! What did I win? Only one of my most favourite kitchen tools ever! Can you guess? AN INSTANT POT! Yes, I already have one. But I have longed to own two. I often thought about proofing my bread while I made the soup, or cooking the rice while I made the curry, or preparing the cheesecake while I made the stew…. You get the idea. Now I can!

Looking a little tired, but also thrilled after winning a prize at my spin-a-thon session.

I put my pot straight to work trying out a new recipe: Arroz Con Pollo from feastingathome.

Although the spice combination was not quite what I was used to for this dish, the result was very tasty.

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