Butter Chicken

You know, if you’ve been following my posts, that I am now the happy owner of not just one, but two Instant Pots (after being lucky enough to recently win a second at a charity fundraiser). While I had people offer to buy my prize, I knew “instantly” that I would keep it. After all, if one Instant Pot can simplify cooking at home, imagine what two can do.

Last night, I made a delicious butter chicken from DamnDelicious, in one pot, while the rice cooked in the second, and the naan warmed in the oven.

Of course, you don’t need two Instant Pots to make this meal. It is easy to prepare the rice first, while you prep your butter chicken ingredients. I used one cup of rinsed basmati rice, one cup of water and a pinch of salt. I pressure cooked for 5 minutes, and then let it natural release for 5 minutes. Perfect rice every time.

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