“Before I met Heather, I thought I was well on the path towards a solid healthy lifestyle, but something was still missing. When I started working with her as my health coach, it all fell in place. She helped me find exactly what I needed in the areas of movement, relaxation and home cooking. She is an inspiration to me in all these areas as she was able to truly listen and guide me to find the answers.

Through powerful coaching questions and techniques, Heather had me think of my life, my habits and my actions like I hadn’t before and opened up possibilities for a better and healthier life for me and my family. I am very grateful for her continuous support and accountability for my choices throughout the 12 weeks. Our sessions together had an incredibly calming and inspiring effect on me.

I would recommend Heather as a Health Coach to any woman who is striving to find a healthy balance in her busy life, and to become the best version of herself.”



I just completed the 90 day program. I have lost 15 pounds and gained some new skills. Self care seems like a foreign language me, but it is something I have put into practice in the last 90 days! I cannot say enough about Heather’s coaching! She was always encouraging and finding new ways for me to hit my goals. She educated me on eating for health and fitness, including suggestions for recipes! We set goals for exercise that were geared to my level of ability and worked up from there. Her excitement and enthusiasm for healthy living and fitness is contagious. In the quest for health and fitness, Heather is the coach you want on your team.