Challenge Time

I was watching a video today talking about changes to education that may result from the pandemic. It was really interesting, and I learned a lot, but one thing that stuck out for me wasn’t related to education at all. I had not realized that the word “crisis” in Chinese is made up of two words: “danger” and “opportunity”. This got me thinking about how we can use this time as an opportunity to improve our health.

Since many of you may have a little extra time on your hands, perhaps now is the moment to participate in a health challenge. Maybe you’d like to drink more water, cut down on sugar, run a 5K…. I’m presently participating in The Alcohol Experiment: being alcohol free for thirty days. Alcohol is not great for our immune system, even in small amounts. Its impact on our digestion can rob us of valuable nutrients. It prevents us from getting quality sleep. It also lowers our number of infection-fighting white blood cells. So taking a break is a great way to take care of ourselves.