Turkey Tips: Day 2

Today, I turned my turkey stock into Turkey Noodle Soup using a “new to me” recipe from Spend With Pennies. Everyone agreed that the soup was delicious. (This was clearly illustrated by the empty pot. So much for leftovers tomorrow). I will definitely add it to my list of favourites.

I included some tasty Whole Wheat No Knead Bread from Real Mom Nutrition. After several failed attempts many years ago, I stopped trying to make homemade bread (other than with the bread maker) until I came across Sally’s recipe. She uses the Instant Pot to proof, and that has made the difference for me. I have made this bread several times, and have never had a problem.

If you have been reading my posts regularly, you know that I am a huge fan of the Instant Pot. I was an early adopter, and both my enthusiasm and willingness to share recipes I had tried, led many of my colleagues to purchase this tool. Even today, when I ran into a friend looking for speakers, I couldn’t help but mention that the store had Instant Pots on sale and how wonderful they were. Later, my husband told me that she had purchased one. I can’t help myself! I am always doing this in local stores, and my husband jokingly says that I should contact the company and become a sales representative. That is not my mission. I am a Life and Health Coach, but I truly endorse this product. If you would like to purchase one online, go to amazon.ca.



The Importance of Social Connection

I was inspired to write today’s post by a recent phone call, late in the day, from my next door neighbour, inquiring if I could spare a cup of flour. Moments later, her daughter showed up, measuring cup in hand, and we made the exchange. I was both surprised and delighted when her daughter again arrived at my door, within the hour, with three, still warm, banana chocolate chip muffins. They were delicious!

This got me thinking about how fortunate I am to have good neighbours. We take care of each other: feeding pets, collecting mail, putting out the trash, watering gardens, dropping off, checking in….

Social connection is really important to our emotional and mental well being: including lowering our levels of anxiety and depression and strengthening our immune system. While we may make time to exercise, eat well, and get enough sleep, we sometimes forget the connection piece.

Connection doesn’t have to involve your neighbours. Perhaps it is a volunteer group you are part of, a running group, or an online community. As long as you feel supported, you are reaping the benefits. Look for opportunities, that work for you, to create those connections.

I will finish with a recipe for Mini Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins. It’s not my neighbour’s, but one I use all the time from The Kitchen Magpie. I have used both walnut oil and avocado oil with good results, and it makes 24 muffins if you want to share….


A Hallowe’en Workout

While you may already be getting some extra exercise this evening walking your little superhero, unicorn, or vampire around the neighbourhood, or running up and down the stairs to greet them at your door, I thought I’d share this fun, ten minute Hallowe’en themed cardio circuit from spark people.com with you. It will burn off a few extra calories, but don’t think that means you can freely sample all those treats both during and after the event. Two of those fun-sized Snickers bars (my personal weakness) would take about 45 minutes of strength training or an hour of hatha yoga to burn off, and three Kit Kat bars (a very close second) would mean 20 minutes of running or walking at a moderate pace for an hour.