Focus On What You Gain!

“One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they have to gain.” Rick Godwin

Did you start 2019 with a goal in mind? Healthy eating? Weight-loss? Stress management? More family time? Only four days in, your focus and enthusiasm are hopefully still strong. However, research conducted by Strava, suggests that January 12th is the day when your motivation might begin to falter. How can we ensure that we make it past that fateful date? I encourage my clients to do as Rick Godwin suggests, and focus on what they are gaining from the changes they are making, rather than what they are giving up. Really, attitude IS everything!

Let’s look at healthy eating as an example. Whether they are trying to lose weight, or for other health reasons, many people believe changing their diets will involve restriction and deprivation. They focus on having to give up ice-cream, cookies, french fries….

Now, I feel the need to mention, at this point, that I don’t believe in “good” or “bad” foods. I think that there are some foods you should eat less often and in smaller amounts, or perhaps learn to make healthier versions of. But telling yourself that you will never again eat cake could lead to cravings that would derail your attempts to improve your weight and nutrition.

Keeping that in mind, you will still need to make sure that most of the food you consume, most of the time, is real: unprocessed/additive free.

So what do you gain out of eating that way? Well first of all you get to eat great food! As your taste buds recover you will discover just how delicious foods are in their natural state. Cravings for salt and sugar will be reduced. You’ll have more, stable energy. More focus. You’ll reduce your risk for diseases like type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. You’ll improve your heart health. You’ll likely lose weight (if that is your goal), and if you have children, you will be an excellent role model for them. Wow! That’s a lot! Feeling more motivated?

Focusing on what you have to gain will increase your chances of reaching any goal. Give it a try.

I want to leave you with a recipe I tried recently: Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas from Taste of Home. They are very easy to make. I actually made the filling (there was a lot of it) a couple of days ago, and then have used it to make lunch for the last two days. You could add black beans. The cumin is very mild (kid friendly). You might want to add a smidge more. I topped mine with homemade guacamole. Yum!

Easy Home Cooked Meals


I believe that preparing and eating home cooked meals more frequently is good for our overall wellness. However, I also know that it can be difficult to fit shopping, prepping and cooking into a busy schedule, so I am always looking for ways to simplify. About a year ago, I purchased an Instant Pot after reading about it on many of my favourite cooking websites. It took me a while to make the purchase as I already have a well equipped kitchen, but I haven’t regretted my decision. The Instant Pot is a programmable multi-cooker that can act as a slow cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker and sauté pan. I have also used it to warm food and proof bread. I think what I like best is that I can pretty much throw everything into one pot and then forget about it: no checking or stirring. It will even keep dinner warm until we are ready to eat, and clean-up is quick and easy.

Pictured above is a delicious and filling vegetarian lentil tortilla soup from the website Peas and Crayons. It made just enough for five, two cup mason jars: an inexpensive and healthy lunch I could throw in my bag in the morning before I left for work.