Special Delivery!

I am so excited to receive my first delivery from @lovelocalfoodco. What you can’t see is the apples, red potatoes, cheddar, chicken breasts and micro greens. And…. Okay, the two tubs of gelato from @beninogelato. Hey, we all need a treat sometimes. Stay tuned for recipes!

Wonton Soup

And the theme of tonight’s meal (and many, many more to come) is what is in the fridge that needs to be used up? Broccoli you say! What about Wonton Soup. The broth recipe is from recipetineats (and includes lots of garlic and ginger). I would half the sugar, if not take it all out, as the cooking wine is quite sweet already. I used mini chicken and cilantro wontons from Costco, and then threw in broccoli, carrots and mushrooms. Yum!